12 Days of Gravy: The Overman



On the 1st day of Gravy ‪#‎theoverman‬ gave to you: Sticks and Stones –

What ever happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me?” Seriously, has our disillusioned society devolved so far that we need safe zones for name-calling? In my day we hit them with the “sticks and stones” and kept it pushing. We have lied to generations of kids who think they’re feelings should be hurt because they don’t like what someone said. Only the real intellectual lives by this credo. I been called all kinda names, sometimes daily, but you know what? Say what you want, just don’t touch me. It is no wonder we have a society of cry babies who are offended by the most trivial things. Shame on you all! AND Christopher Reeves won’t sit for this either!

One the 2nd day of Gravy, #theoverman gave to you: Oh the “negative FB comment guy” –

I thought I would give it a couple of days with all the great, positive things going on lately… But clearly, I see it’s not in you. A brotha can post 10,000 positive and uplifting things, probably even cure Alzheimer’s, and you got nothing to say. Not even a like. But like a snake in the grass you just wait around for the ONE post you disagree with to have something smart to say. Oh I know you. The faithless. Man of science. No wonder everything you post and comment is negative. I get it. Your life is miserable and negative and your “gift” is to share it with the rest of us. And make no mistake about. Supporting causes that only benefit yourself and your family does NOT make you a philanthropist or any kinda serviceman. It makes you selfish. AND Christopher Reeves won’t sit for this either!

On the 3rd day of Gravy, #theoverman gave to you: Family Feud –

So apparently, this is how family disputes get solved around here: 1) “I’m older” – which means no matter what the issue or age difference, could be siblings separated by a year, and the older one is always right and the ultimately smarter and more wise. 2) “It’s my life. What I do doesn’t affect anybody. Leave me alone” – so when you screw up, who is the first person/people you call? FAMILY. Sure, when you get married and move and bring new people into our lives, you’re right, has NOTHING to do with anyone else as if we don’t have to put up with them, talk to them, or deal with you after they do you wrong. Sure, that makes sense. When #1 and #2 fail, the third solution is obviously, “let’s get them ones.” Yes, the last resort is always to get physical because that still solves problems like we’re children. This is the ridiculous and most ignorant crap that we have got to get away from. These statements or the dumbest things that keep families from moving on. Nothing ever gets solved, healing never takes place, just repetitive ignorance and stupidity. Praying it away in 2016! #12DaysofGravy 

On the 4th day of Gravy, #theoverman gave to you: Oh lack of Creativity – the bootleg movie:

How many times am I expected to watch Ninja Turtles 5, another Superhero movie, a prequel, then a sequel, then a movie based on a book? Really. Is there not ONE original idea left in Hollywood? I already have plenty of reasons not to go to the movies: prices are crazy, food expensive and tasteless, and all the noisy, inconsiderate people who laugh at inappropriate parts and forget to turn off their cellphone. I promise not to spend another dime in the theater for nothing less than original creativity. Same thing for the music biz. I can’t event= tell you the last time I bought a cd, or paid to download music. Are you nuts! For what? The same ol’ auto tune trap music? No thank you. I also prefer the comfort of pausing the movie and taking refill breaks throughout a movie. Plus if it’s terrible, I don’t want to feel committed to the end for my $12. Nah. I think I’ll sit here in my sweatpants, cuddle my dog, pull up the covers, and pour myself something tasty.  You’ll have to excuse me as I enjoy the new Star Wars movie from the comfort of my own home…

On the 5th day of Gravy, #theoverman gave to you:  All the Lonely People

Never in one particular moment in time has society been inflicted with so many miserable, lonely people, who fall for the first person who pays them any attention. I swear, a woman will watch a man disrespect her, call her names, put his hands on her, and be unfaithful, and still claim she loves her “boo” and can’t wait to plan a future together.  Seriously.  Then they can’t help themselves and double-down by posting and sharing their phony and disgusting relationship photos, only the nice moments of course (where rarely there is a photo of the couple actually together, nor is one or the other tagged in it).  And wait for it, all their disgusting, miserable friends liking and commenting, “So glad to see you happy, girl!” “You deserve a great man like that to finally treat you right!”  Once thing I do know, your friends are right. You do deserve that worthless bucket of crap, who treats you like crap. God forbid you admit to the world that you are also a lonely, bored, miserable bucket of crap yourself. You deserve to be going through each other’s phones, checking their Facebook and protecting the sanctity of your family by consistently liking and commenting on their pics and posts.  Sitting back and waiting for your partner to get out of jail for years and run right back to the studio, claiming their only one beat/freestyle/verse/hit away.  There’s a difference between “holding him down,” and being a completely ignorant fool.  I get it, you’re that bored and lonely, and anyone who pays you any attention at all, whether or not they have anything to bring to the table, is worthy of you holding them down. I mean, let’s be honest, you don’t have much to bring to the table either so who are you to judge another person’s struggle?

Say it all together now: “I’m bored. I’m lonely. I am miserable. I just want someone to pay me some attention and spoon me at night. Maybe get me out of the house once in a while, but I will certainly settle for Netflix and chill every night. Maybe a glass of wine.  We don’t have to do anything or work towards any positivity whatsoever, as long as you’re next to me. No, I don’t need to live or have any excitement. All my friends will see how happy I am every Friday and Saturday night at home with my boo and the kids.  “So happy for family time!” “Love nice, quiet weekends home with my man and the kids!” And yes, so it goes every weekend.  Except of course when we get a sitter or one of our kids is at their other parents’ house.  Then, of course, how miserable I am and how disgusting and unfaithful my partner is, everything will be ok. At least I’m not alone like the rest of my hatin’ friend.”  You’re welcome.

On the 6th day of Gravy, #theoverman gave to you:  not so fast independent woman

We all get it, “you don’t need no man!” But why so bitter? And why are you in your 3rd relationship this month?  You’re so comfortable doing it alone, ready and proud, and still always complaining about doing it alone? I have a question: do you or do you NOT want to do everything alone? Is it some badge of honor? Maybe it is.  I come from a proud, Black mother who supported three boys by herself. A REAL independent woman.  And yeah she got tired, bored, and maybe a little lonely, but I never heard her complain so much about how bad men were and how she didn’t need no man’s help.  She knew she had a job to do and what her role was.  No time to complain and be a big cry baby whiner about how all men are dogs.  Too busy to complain and be a negative Nancy. If all these women are “boss bitches,” why are so many of y’all broke? I’ve never seen so many people looking for credit for doing what they are supposed to do. Nobody told you to have a child and now you want us to throw you a parade because you bought Pampers without the help of no man? I prefer independent and happy.  Shout out to all the independent women out there doing their thing, supporting their family, and happy about it and don’t feel the need to belittle men or their baby daddy in the process. Confidence is sexy.  Take care of businesses confidently, showing toughness with a smile.  How many independent brothas are out there complaining about not having a woman? I mean, where do all the good girls hangout at?

On the 7th day of Gravy, #theoverman gave to you:  education does not = intelligent

You know one thing I don’t get? I person can be completely ignorant for 30 years, graduate with a degree in general education from Northwestern Texas Tech A&M online school, and all of a sudden be Plato. So wise and ready to put there 2 cents in on every topic from the economy to race relations. Here’s one thing I do know: having an education does NOT make you intelligent.  Your degree does NOT take you out of the pool of mediocrity, and more times than not, it just reinforces it. Not only the fact that C’s get degrees, which is the WORST product of our education system, promoting students to be average in the name of equality, but the fact that it makes a person like they have actually accomplished something, posting pics of their degree and cap n gown, telling the world, “I made it yawl!”  We should really be proud? You want likes and comments about what a great job you’ve done? Really? Is this how needy people are for acceptance and approval that even an associate degree off the back of a box of Captain Crunch with Crunch berries, means we must now accept your wisdom and word as some kind of elite?  I know people with PhD’s who are as ignorant and dumb as it gets. There are people with no college degree who are more intelligent and wise than professors. I don’t care what degree you have or from where if you still display status quo ignorance and mediocrity and have no ability to transfer the acquisition of knowledge into anything practical or that benefits society.  There are people with Masters Degrees working at Wal-Mart and McDonald’s right now! Spare me your cereal box rants and raves, shameless attempts to display your internet “knowledge.”

On the 8th day of Gravy, #theoverman gave to you: the worst parents ever

Here is the comment that all of the WORST parents I have ever met make: “until you have a child, you wouldn’t know.” Yes, because as soon as that baby popped out, you automatically were gifted with all the love and tools that it takes to be a perfect parent. You don’t need to have a baby to understand how to love and take care of another human being. If that was the case, why are there so many HORRIBLE, unethical, and ignorant children in our society? If there are so many great parents out there, why are there so many crappy teenagers and children?  Clearly, nobody could tell the parents anything, and now society is forced to deal with your crappy kids who also do not want to hear anything from anyone.  Let me tell you what I do know: miserable people end up having miserable, ignorant children. And the process just repeats itself in a vicious cycle.  Let’s be honest, most of y’all didn’t even want the children in the first place. You got bored, lonely, and lazy. Ended up pregnant, and it was too little too late to do anything about it.  The other half, had children thinking it would save an already horrible and miserable relationship. As if a child would automatically make your partner act right. Once you double-down on these mistakes, you’re still miserable, and now you’re stuck at a job you also hate, but need, because now you have bills to pay and an extra mouth to feed. To summarize: one lonely, miserable person, who already hates their own life, looks and finds another lonely, miserable person who hates their life. In an attempt to make themselves feel better, they have a child together. Of course, this does not work, but to keep up the façade of internet happiness, they stay together and work miserable jobs that they both hate. Once they come home that hatred manifests itself and gets transferred onto the children, thus producing horrible, miserable children who also hate their life.  Soon they become adults, and the process just repeats. But, no, I get it. I don’t have any children so I can’t tell you nothing about your horrible, entitled child throwing tantrums in the store, cussing and mouthing every explicit rap lyrical, and behaving just like you. Sure, makes sense to me. Shout out to all the proud parents out there!

On the 9th day of Gravy, #theoverman gave to you: Greeks, hotep, and the “craft.”

The only thing WORST than Black “Greek” organizations is the so-called “hotep” Negro, Black freemasons practicing the “craft.” Besides my overall dislike of “Greek” organizations in the first place: paying for friends under the guise of “dues,” phony philanthropy and commitment to brotherhood, and geeks and people who have never been cool a day in their life, getting together and forming a club so they can throw exclusive parties in order to have first dibs on the opposite sex without competition. Lastly, is an attempt to hide any work or contribution that an individual has actually done under the accomplishment of the “frat” (name-dropping in-place of actually accomplishing anything).  But to these so-called Black “Greek” organizations are pretty much identical.  No need for solving the conditions of the Black community. No. They are tired of having to get into white organizations, so rather or not we contribute ANYTHING to society, we want some Greek letters too. And were going to do it bigger and better since we had the chance to watch the white one’s first, and put our own cultural spin on it: enter step shows.  Ultimately, serving no other purpose than to give Blacks the same opportunity to contribute and accomplish nothing, pay for brotherhood and suffer through hazing, and have the opportunity to name drop other members and take credit for the accomplishments of certain members.

But worse than them are so-called Black “societies.” What valuable information do you have about Blacks, Africans, and African Americans that is so esoteric and groundbreaking that you can’t tell the rest of us? Meanwhile we ask why Black people have little knowledge or value in learning their history.  Meanwhile, some apparent elitist Negroes have all the hidden knowledge of history about the first President being Black and the “real” reasons behind slavery.  If you Negroes are so elite and have so much power, why are Negroes in this country still suffering? And if you’re in such cahoots with the white side of the “craft,” and this “craft” of valuable knowledge and ridiculousness is color and class blind, then you should be even more ashamed of yourself for continuing to promote such ignorant crap while the rest of the Black community suffers.  If you are the same or “better” than these identical white institutions then you are doing more damage because you are doing it worse than them.  One again, not measuring up. Clearly, they have figured out how to use their power to promote and reinforce white nationalism and institutional racism.  You, on the other hand, have taken all that power and “knowledge” of secret history and the “craft,” and produced what? Poverty and ignorance.  All of this nonsense, for what? To feel included in white organizations. Do Black people really feel like we have to be included and have EVERYTHING white people have? Seriously? You Negroes are so powerful and have so much knowledge, and yet out here suffering as second-class citizens like the rest of us. Shame on all of you.

On the 10th day of Gravy, #theoverman gave to you: you suck: not everyone is a hater

The term “hater” is being thrown around too much lately. Some of you are just terrible people, who make ignorant, foolish mistakes. It’s ok.  But let’s not get on social media like your making moves and “nobody can keep you down.”  Is everyone and everything so untouchable that there are no longer any despicable acts? So no one can tell anyone, anything anymore? No more, “Hey man, that was a bad move”?  Apparently, everyone is out there making wise, reasonable decisions on a daily basis.  Really? This is exactly why so many people have horrible friends! These horrible friends only encourage more horrible decision making. People don’t need to be encouraged when they make a horrible decision. They need to be chastised and ridiculed!  There is too much “patting each other on the back” around here, and not enough “Boy, you dun messed up!”  It’s because of friends like you, that I don’t have any. I don’t want anyone around me who watches my significant other treat me like crap, sleep around, quit my job, commit a crime, or watch you get in 3 relationships in 3 months and just be like, “you got it, girl! Do you!” No, some of y’all need to do someone else! And not in that way, of course. The last thing ignorant people need to hear is, “do you.”  Sure, you been in 3 different relationships, with three different people, all you “thought” was the “one,” and “girl, he treats me so well!” By the 4th relationship, and someone comes along and asks, “What in the world are you doing?” That person has to be a “hater.” Hatin’ because they aren’t in a “happy” relationship and “don’t got nobody.” Lord, it’s a cold world. So many high quality individuals in our society, I’m shocked that we have so many problems. My only question is: who’s NOT hatin’?!

On the 11th day of Gravy, #theoverman gave to you: how many baby pics do we need?

Look, I get it. You have a new baby and you want everyone to see and be so happy for you. But why, oh why do we need to see pics of your baby at 3 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 ½ weeks (including half birthdays with are apparently worthy of celebration), and every week leading up to the 1st birthday?  And can we be honest? Not everyone has good looking kids. In fact, some of y’all have some ugly kids who do not need to be posted on social media. Those poor kids will be haunted by those photos for the rest of their lives!  Why would you do that to them? And why do you feel the need to think that people actually care what your baby looks like at 17 ½ weeks old? Get over yourself please.  Your life is not THAT interesting were we deserve to be constantly reminded of your baby’s growth. You’re right though, oh my look how they’ve grown. Definitely going to be a chip off the ol’ block. If all these babies are so darn cute, why are there so many ugly adults? I’ll wait…

On the 12th day of Gravy, #theoverman gave to you: hate it or love it…

Lord knows, you don’t have to agree with me, or anyone else, to work together and solve the ills of our community. Too many times nothing gets done in our community because people have personal feelings or differences with someone else that has NOTHING to do with work, getting a job done, accomplishing big goals, serving the community! Agreement and consensus isn’t necessary to solve all our problems or be a member of the community.  What is needed and required, though, is your contribution. If you can’t contribute anything to our community, which clearly needs help, because you don’t like me personally, then you have much bigger problems.  You don’t have to like me, my philosophy, or what I believe in to come together and work with me to serve our community. One thing I can agree with you all on is hard work and service.  My political beliefs don’t matter as long as we’re working side by side to serve and do what’s best for the community.  There is no community without unity.  We can be unified in our commitment to serve, without being unified in our political or religious beliefs.  Hate it or love it, the work has to be done.  Hate it or love it, I am going to work anyway. Serve the community, with or without the support of people who can’t get over themselves.  The need for our community is that severe to the point where I don’t have time to get mixed in petty beefs and differences. If it’s not about the work, then let’s move on.  If it’s not about serving the community, I am perfectly ok with the ideology that prefers to leave people alone.  I thrive in such an environment; only coming out when duty calls.  Honestly, I don’t like A LOT of people.  But I understand the need to work together, and collaborate.  We can accomplish more together, than heading out alone. I firmly believe that.  It’s the common good. Our purpose for being here and being a part of the community… and if you disagree with me, you’re a racist, heterophobic, bibliophobe…