For the Love of Trump: Why America Needs (and deserves) Donald Trump


Before I get started, let me just say before the trolls and ignorance take over: NO I am not voting for Donald Trump. I don’t vote at all (coming soon).   There. Now, that we got that out of the way, let me tell you why Trump is absolutely perfect for the 2016 election…


First, Americans hate politicians. All of them. And last time I checked, Donald Trump is the only person running in this election who is not a politician. Hillary Clinton has essentially been a lifetime politician. She’s been vying to be President her entire life. Since Trump’s not a politician, he’s not captive to any one particular audience or constituency. Plus, people despise both political parties…


And both parties hate Trump. This is a good thing! This shows that he is clearly doing something right. The only proponent of actual change that makes both parties uncomfortable as a result. Both parties are sustained by the promotion of the status quo. Clinton is the epitome of the status quo. Anyone who actually wants change in government and society should move as far away from her as possible. A person who has profited and thrived under the conditions of the status quo, thus, has no incentive to change it. If you want change, good or bad, vote Trump.


Business or politics? People are ignorant of politics. Political sophistication in the US is running at desperately low levels. Trump never claims to have all the answers. That seems to be one of the biggest critiques of his campaign. But no effective leader, of business or otherwise, would claim to have an answer for everything. That is not his job. His job is to find the right people who DO have answers. American’s love capitalism. As a businessman, Trump will run the country like a business. Do your job or get fired. Achieve the results I’m looking for or you’re out. No feelings and emotions. Trump will treat American government like the capitalist institution that it is and the people want it to be.


Throw political correctness out the window. As I have previously stated, political correctness is a plague on our society. Depriving exceptional thinkers from contributing in tough conversations due to the myth of equality and the lowering of collective standards. It requires people to have to say things the right way or they will be perceived as invalid. Not on factual value and accuracy, but because it makes some people in society feel bad. But as reasonable people know, you can’t solve a problem if you refuse to address it. Trump is effective because he is saying what people in America actually believe and say behind closed doors, but won’t admit in front of their progressive, neo-liberal friends. Like it or not. This doesn’t speak against Trump. It mainly speaks to how corrupt and pathetic our society has become. People are generally uncomfortable to hear honest opinions from others. If people just said whatever they felt and there were no consequences for the things they said, meaning it did not hurt them financially (see the majority of social media), I’m not saying the world would be better, but it would not look like it currently does. And when did so many people on the left get so offended by what another person says? You quote violent, vulgar, misogynistic rap lyrics, watch violent movies with adult language, and like comedians who are primarily vulgar. Now you’re appalled because a presidential candidate is vulgar?  The one thing I love most about Trump is that he has exposed many of my so-called “friends” and in-“tolerant” liberals who are racist.  Before Trump, you would never know that 30 percent of your white Facebook friends were racist.  But now, Trump has made it perfectly ok to come out and say all those racist things they wanted to say about Black on Black crime, pulling up our pants, and why we seem to be burning down our own neighborhoods.  The racist you know is always better than the racist you don’t know.


Finally, and most importantly, Democracy and all it stands for is at stake. No Bushs (thanks Jeb). No more Clintons. If you look at the past 30 years in this country it resembles a Meritocracy (look it up) more than a democracy. If the people really want something new, vote for someone new. Put your money and your vote where your mouth is, or else please leave politics alone for good, because what you’re really saying is that you like things just the way they are. Nobody in good conscience can love what’s left of American democracy and vote for Clinton. Also, we need to bring some balance to the Force and move back towards the middle before we go too far left. Even if it’s a disaster, America will be better off electing Trump. Sometimes in order to rebuild something great you have to completely tear down the old structure and start from scratch in order to get it right. Voting for Trump may be America’s one opportunity to completely start all over again.

And if you disagree with me, well, you’re on your own… May the Force be with you!