Gravy’s Theory of Kingdom Mentality


Kingdom Mentality is founded on the principle that people produce on the outside the perception they envision of themselves on the inside.  People act out what they believe about themselves; if you feel you are great and worthy of the highest standards, you will behave to the highest standard and produce high standards (king on the inside, king on the outside).  When you treat yourself with the dignity and respect worthy of the highest honor you will not settle for being treated like a peasant (unworthy of high respect, loyalty, or standards); additionally, one will attract great people, honor, and respect.  Kings also serve; thus one must still not project or feel that they are better than everyone else, despite not settling for the same mediocre standards and low expectations as the rest of society.  Only that they are deserving and worthy of the highest respect and upmost treatment.  The majority of people (95%) feel unworthy and less valuable, thus, those are the results that they get.  Those who set their mind and focus their way of thinking towards great things will not settle for mediocrity and will produce great things on the outside.

Over the course of an individual’s history they make the conscience decision to be great and exceptional or to be mediocre and average.  The foundation for greatness begins with believing one is great; greatness begins between the ears.  It comes with the conviction and belief that one is great; whether one believes they are ordained or chosen for greatness, or that some inherent quality in their character makes them fit to accomplish great things.  To truly accomplish extraordinary tasks, one has to have the firm conviction that they have the ability and qualities to carry it out.  Thus a kingdom mentality is when one makes the conscience decision to be great and set one’s mind on the highest order of things.  Great people, and those worthy of honor and glory, solve big tasks, large problems, and establish systems and institutions.  On the contrary, peasants solve small, inconsequential, and personal issues with little benefit to the overall community.  Remember, the greatest accomplishments are those done to protect, sustain, and improve the conditions of society.


People settle for being treated as peasants because, internally, that is how they feel about themselves, despite what they attempt to project on the outside (95/5 – most people are ignorant and fake; not who they say they are or appear to be). They produce the inferiority and inadequacies that are within them.  People continually date and attract people with questionable and unfavorable attributes because they, too, are questionable and hold many unfavorable attributes.  They project greatness, honor, and respect on the outside with materialistic property and wealth, educational attainment, and individual accomplishments, but they are still peasants on the inside; their spirit is still corrupted, and they continually participate in questionable and immoral, or unethical behavior.  The people believe they are weak and unworthy, thus they produce mediocrity or contemptible work on the outside, regardless of how they appear or individual “success.”  Do not get deceived by appearance; a lot of people appear to be happy and successful but are corrupt and dejected internally.  They attempt to project honor and greatness on the outside BECAUSE they are weak and corrupt on the inside; fooling society and the people into thinking they are more important and valuable than they actually are.  This works in a corrupted society, thus, perpetuating the peoples’ corrupted spirit and inability to achieve an accurate depiction of themselves and their value, and ultimately why they produce little to nothing of significance or value.


The majority of people (95%) believe they are more valuable and worthy of honor and glory than they actually are due to the corrupt nature of society which places higher importance on individuals and individual success.  Thus people believe they are royalty on the inside due to society’s distorted perception of success, but they are unable to produce what they believe is greatness on the outside because, in reality, the people are internally weak and corrupt.  A lot of people believe they are capable of greatness and worthy of honor, glory, and respect when they are not.  Others know they are corrupt and unworthy of high esteem thus they attain and aspire to a low vision, with low standards and expectations; they do not feel capable of producing great things so they do not even try (which is ok).


Those who believe they are valuable and worthy, will believe they can attain a great vision; they dream big because their spirit is capable of great things.  How do they know?  Because they took the time to reflect and gain the necessary knowledge of what is inside them (their will).  Internal, spiritual success comes through reflection and knowledge of self.  One determines their own value and self-worth only when they discover their limits and what they are truly capable of and what they can endure.  Thus, those with a Kingdom Mentality know what they can handle, are confident in their abilities, and have acquired enough knowledge of self to know how valuable their contribution to society is and their value.  Most importantly, they refuse to settle for anything less than the respect and honor that is owed to someone with the highest level of distinction and admiration.



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  • Ronny Long

    Thank you very much for this pefect insight, for many years I been having this Notion, and Eureka this is it.
    Man on a new Journey….

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